Monthly Archives: October 2014

Christmas Statistics


October payday today.  That means three pay packets to Christmas including this one.  However, as the Christmas payday comes literally a couple of days before Christmas, the actual preparation time for this yearly fiasco is only two months away.

It’s always my goal to make all my presents myself.  Except for the children who want cold hard cash and my husband who is ridiculously finnicky when it comes to wearing hand knitted jumpers.  Several years ago my theme was hats.  I had very few ‘thank yous’ that year meaning my family and friends are either a) incredibly ungrateful (which I know they’re not) or b) they’re slightly disappointed with the hats.

This year the theme is silk.  Handstitched silk ties for the gentlemen and hand stitched hand painted silk scarves for the ladies.  With only two months to go, I’d better get cracking